Little Hill People

Ever on the look-out for unique and sustainable fashion brands, I recently stumbled upon Little Hill People. First of all, I was attracted by such a quaint and interesting name for a company, and secondly fell hook line and sinker for their brilliant manifesto. The company is based in Sale, Chesire but acts as a marketing platform for traditional weavers and indigenous craftspeople in North-East India. The products, ranging from bags to accessories, are comprised of incredibly vivid prints and are each individually hand woven, meaning that each piece is absolutely unique and unlike any other.

In purchasing a piece from Little Hill People, you can be sure of a fair few things. Primarily, that your bag or necklace has been produced by loom weavers operating in a safe working environment, provided with a stable and regular income. Furthermore, the artisans’ traditional ways of weaving and producing items will be preserved, so that future generations can be acquainted with and pass on the unique methods and skills required to create such amazing products.  You can also be sure that whatever you buy will inject colour and vibrancy into any outfit that you choose to wear, absolutely worthy of any of the catwalks in Europe and the USA.

The mixture of traditional production with modern and fashion forward designs is what makes this company so exciting. Little Hill People have cottoned onto the fact that many of us do not want mainstream items from the high street, but still want to be ahead of the fashion curve. This is something that they offer with their off the beaten track collections that are incredibly of the zeitgeist but are, most importantly, ethically sourced and produced. Whilst the Tribal trend appropriated by fashion designers has become something of a fad that comes in and out of fashion on a regular basis, Little Hill People provides fashion that is completely authentic and will, therefore, never cease to be a pleasure to wear.

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