Hannah Williams

Say whatever you want about fashion bloggers but if Susie Bubble falls in love with something, it means that it IS the next big thing. When I saw one of the world’s most important style bloggers saying that she rooted for someone and proclaiming them the next big thing, I instantly knew that it is a person that Born in Britain is looking for.

Hannah Williams graduated from University for the Creative Arts in Epsom in 2013 and since then her works has been positively received not only by the bloggers’ world but also publications such as New York Times and the Independent. Getting the Womenswear Award at the last Graduate Fashion Week she made sure her first showcased collection is a one to be remembered – what we saw on the runaway did not look like a newbie’s first steps, it was a fashion statement. Delicate pastel colours played surprisingly well with silicone pieces and beautifully embellished accessories.  Yeah, these feminine designs you see next to this article are made of silicone – that’s an innovation right here!

The young designer’s inspirations are also vast, including the surreal sculpture work of Daniel Ashram and 1920s flapper girl jewellery. Knowing that, we can also see a tiny bit of 1920s nostalgia coming from her designs that helps them not to be obviously futuristic but truly one in a kind.

With the amount of work she puts into her research and designing process, natural talent and backing from one of the fashion industry’s most well-known names, this young (she is only 22-years-old!) designer has a bright future in front of her and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Hannah Williams.

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Image Source: Gwf.org.uk