Interview: Lily King

In the past few months I have become a right sucker for jewellery and Lily King has really stood out to me as a designer to keep an eye out for. Her jewellery is simple and classic with prices that are barely eye-watering and unlikely to break the coffers and as a result, she has already caught the attention of online giant Asos where she is featured in the Marketplace area of the website ( Lily also has an active Twitter account @LilyKingLondon and her jewellery can also be bought from

Lily began making and selling jewellery whilst working in a little boutique on Portobello Road. Initially jewellery making started off as a hobby, but with her designs becoming increasingly more popular her shop evolved and grew into a much loved business. She told me that ‘this was great because I could see which of my designs were most popular with the customers and be there to eavesdrop on what they were saying about the designs, which was luckily all complimentary!’ Now, no offence to Lily, but I don’t think she was lucky to be complimented at all: when you demonstrate such talent, commercial awareness and understanding of what women want to wear, there’s no way you could possibly be vilified! I caught up with her on jewellery making, business and her favourite city, London…

What do you love about your job?

My favourite part of the job is the buying of course! I’ll buy loads of supplies and lay them all out on a big table and then pick and choose bits and pieces, seeing which colours work really well together – it’s very satisfying.

What kind of girl do you envisage wearing your jewellery?

The type of girl who would wear Lily King jewellery would be a minimalist with a love of colour and quirk!

What do you think marks you out from other jewellery designers?

I think my designs are unique due to their simplicity and dainty charm. They’re not high fashion pieces, so are more timeless and classic. I try and design all of my pieces to be perfect for everyday wear – the perfect day to night jewellery.

What’s next for you and your business?

At the moment, I’m looking into expanding a little with the online shop. I would like to start working with other independent designers and getting more accessories in the shop – mainly scarves and bags to start with. It’s very exciting!

What do you love about Britain today?

Apart from the fantastic weather of course? Mainly the amazing variety of London, you could never get bored living here! Also the beautiful countryside and great food!

Jodie Anna Jewellery

Jodie Anna is inspired by childhood memories. Fascinated by how memories are often triggered by images, she uses her jewellery to take us all back in time to long hot summers and days at the seaside, so we can smile and accessorise amazingly at the same time.

Working from her home studio in West Yorkshire, Jodie Anna begins all her designs with an illustration, which she then scans in and sharpens up in Photoshop. She adds the gorgeous vintage patterns and prints the designs on to shrink plastic. The final step is to heat-shrink the images to create her beautiful wearable nostalgia.

Featuring umbrellas, cupcakes, bunting, teapots and robins, Jodie Anna’s designs are both sweet and sophisticated. She manages to tap right in to the idealised image of Britain that we all remember from when we were kids (as well as being bang on trend in terms of her vintage inspiration) and reminds us that it’s OK to have a bit of fun once in a while, like we did in childhood.

To check out more of Jodie Anna’s designs, visit her wonderful blog or her Not On The High Street online store.

– Georgie