French Soul Party

Every so often you’ll hear a song that will catch your ears, and lay claim to your subconscious mind. Easily identifiable symptoms of such an occurrence are the inability to stop yourself from humming said song loudly on the bus or while walking home (you will be oblivious to the strange looks you attract from those around you), and the unfortunate tendency to sing the chorus repeatedly at your housemates as they make futile attempts to try and engage you in a serious conversation about how the washing machine has died and destroyed their clothes.Enter, French Soul Party and their infectious single ‘French Kissing’.

This precocious Huddersfield five-piece play a brand of indie that is danceable and immediate, with angular riffs that echo Foals and The Cast of Cheers, and some house-influenced synths thrown into the mix that serve to hint at the likes of Friendly Fires.

These boys have wasted no time in making an impression on their local scene, gigging regularly, and building up a pretty sizeable following. This strong work ethic, coupled with their radio-friendly sound, and a nod of approval from Radio One Introducing tastemaker Huw Stephens, will ensure that you’ll probably be hearing French Soul Party playing-out somewhere near you at some time in the not-too-distant future.

If their twitter is to be believed then we can look forward to a spate of new material soon. Until then, check out their EP and other tracks right here. And if you piss off your housemates in the process, don’t say I didn’t warn you.