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Next to answer the question ‘Which Gola Are You?’ is Author of Last Style of Defense, Dan Hasby-Oliver…
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Gola is one of the oldest British sportswear brands in existence, who mixes heritage, quality materials and contemporary styling for a fresh approach to footwear. Having been a wonderfully sunny day, I got out in the garden to capture a couple of the SS15 collection – to answer a question of Which Gola Are You?
The first pair I chose was the Samurai Leather Sneakers which fuses a leather upper with a sleek white sole on an ’80s archive inspired profile. Perfect for wearing with a pair of slim cut, washed denim jeans and a bright, graphic t-shirt; the combination of the slightly dressy black leather offsets the casual combination of the two blue tones. .
Next I chose the Made in England Pacer 1905 pair, these are part of the Made in England 1905 collection, which see’s Gola return to its manufacturing roots. Gola Pacer is a jogger based on an original ‘70s design and features a high quality mesh and suede upper on a soft EVA mid sole, that also features Union Flag tab and tongue branding. Adding onto this; because both are these are perfect for exploring the city in, or just running into town to get a few bits, is the Barlow Stone rucksack. New for SS15 is Barlowe, a heavy wash canvas bag with a roll top fastening. Barlowe is a preppy inspired canvas rucksack, featuring a distinctive woven badge and padded should straps, it has all the right styling cues.
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Kayla Hadlington- Which Gola Are You?

We asked fashion blogger Kayla Hadlington… Which Gola are you?

I’ve been so excited to finally wear these Gola plimsolls, they’re super comfy and it was such a nice day yesterday I decided to go out and shoot them in this rather lovely weather! The print on the trainers is a collaboration with Liberty London, it makes them feel extra special! I’ve been a big fan of Liberty fabrics for absolutely ages and whenever I go into store I love to go and stare at the fabrics and decide which ones if I would purchase if, yknow.. if I were super rich. This particular fabric is adorable as its their Alice in Wonderland print (hence the title, We’re All Mad Here!!!!) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland! I think my favourite part of the print is how how on one of the toe on the left trainer theres a cute little picture of Humpty Dumpty so whenever I glance down I see him staring up at me which makes me chuckle.

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I wasn’t too sure which colour were my favourite, I’m probably going to have to go with pink though as, well, I always choose pink lets face it haha! I’m totally considering wearing one of each colour on each foot, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that for the shoot ahh!! Think I could get away with it?? They look super adorable with little frill socks and jeans or as these are quite girly and cute I would totally wear them with a cute little dress if I wanted to dress or skirt it down a bit.


As the campagin is called #WhichGolaAreYou and I had both of the colours for these trainers I decided to try out two different outfits in a how-to-wear-your-Golas kinda thing, honestly my favourite outfit is definitely the mom jean outfit however I also really like the long socks and the tropical tshirt look which is very summery! think they’d also look super cute with a tennis skirt!


gola4Read Kayla’s blog at www.kaylahadlington.com.

Educate Elevate

When getting in contact with Educate Elevate’s team, (the founders: Suzan, Faith & Nic) I soon started to realise how much the film ‘Do the Right Thing’ had influenced the style and ethos of the brand. So I felt in order to really understand their message, I better watch this Spike Lee film.

After watching it, I got it. I get the positive message they are trying to create and the same message that the fashion market seem to have forgotten. The brand is all about creating something unique and bringing a new twist to the industry.We love the late 80′s, early 90′s era and the positivity that surrounds it. It’s this positive mindset that influenced us to create this brand”. 

They even show these positive vibes through their motto ‘EDUCATE THE MIND, ELEVATE THE GRIND’, meaning the more you educate yourself about the world and your surroundings, the more chance you have in becoming successful and moving up in the world. “We’re not just preaching about world issues and politics, (though it’s cool if you care about that!) We’re talking CULTURE. Learning about other cultures & embracing our differences will influence and inspire you. You can’t educate the majority with the mind of the minority!!!”.

Launching in only August 2012, Educate Elevate has created quite the buzz, especially in the blogging world. The great thing about EE is that the brand is really trying to speak and represent the current youth market. We wanted to be informing young people about other cultures and how to better themselves whilst spreading our ethos – we want to make them feel like they are a part of a positive movement when they wear our clothes”.

As a 90’s kid and fan myself, Educate Elevate speaks to me a lot more than other similar brands. I have been a huge fan and been blogging about them for a while. I thought they would be a great talent to share through the ‘Born in Britain’ project because they are influenced by music, film and art and make sure that they encompass that within Educate Elevate.

The team are currently working on their top secret A/W collection, where they will be manufacturing their own garments for the first time, not just t-shirts and sweaters. They have lots of plans to keep the business growing through the great blogger support and supporting young people and charities close to their hearts. To everyone who has supported us, especially the people who have backed us from the start, we’re doing this for you!”. 

So check out their site www.educateelevate.com and remember EDUCATE THE MIND, ELEVATE THE GRIND.

India Rose

“I hate anything that limits my creativity.”– India Rose

With an obsession for trainers, photography and anything from Wang’s collections, no wonder India Rose’s 90’s influenced style has created such a buzz in the fashion blogging world. Fashion student India created her blogspot site when her college tutor encouraged her to launch a blog to discuss her interests and begin her very own photography portfolio online.

 “I stopped it for a while, as I didn’t really feel passionate about it once I gained a place at Nottingham Trent, but then something spurred me on to start it again. I can’t remember what, but whatever it was I’m thankful for it”

India has taken a fresh and distinct look on the androgynous style that has captured the attention of young bloggers and independent retailers, making her online presence grow and grow. I asked India to explain her style and where the inspiration comes from;

 “Everywhere really. Most of my friends are male, so I take a lot of inspiration from them and apply it to my own wardrobe. I like the way their style looks effortless, but yet it just kind of works. It’s also heavily based on durability and comfort. I like that. I also find inspiration from blogs, people I see on the street, music, art, old movies. Basically whatever I like the look of.

 I think it’s important to take inspiration from things that aren’t directly related to you or what you know, as you’d be surprised at the way you interpret the unknown. I was also interested to know if British styles and era’s inspire India’s style in any form. “It’s a difficult one to answer, because I just wear what I like. I suppose right now, whether I’m conscious of it or not, the raw aesthetic of the 90s has filtered into my style. My look is never overly polished, and I like things to look a little worn in. I suppose that’s quite British.”

The fashion communication and promotional student has a lot of exciting new projects and collaborations in the pipeline after graduating in July.

 “I can’t see myself working a 9-5 for the rest of my life, and I feel much better working under my own schedule and direction.So watch this space and keep up to date with her blog at http://indiaroseblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Apart from being slightly in love with India’s style, I also admire the way her personality shines through her media presence and constantly manages to be herself. Which is always her top piece of advice for any new (or old) bloggers out there, “Be yourself”.

Let’s be thankful for that unknown motivation that gave India Rose’s the inspiration to start blogging again.

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