Let me introduce you to one of the most exciting UK fashion brands to arrive within industry for a while, Partimi. The brand who offers arresting patterns and digitally printed graphics on a simple silhouette garment was founded by Eleanor Dorrien-Smith in 2009. Eleanor a graduate from the infamous Central St. Martins, first big break came when she got chatting to a woman from Anthropologie at her final year exhibition who immediately commissioned a capsule collection.

It was great to get in touch with Eleanor to see how she finds the inspirations to create her unique designs. “I always draw inspiration from personal experience; childhood memories by the sea, places where my parents grew up, teenage obsessions with artists, musicians and writers, familiar landscapes.  I like to focus my attention, or the lens, on something that I have a direct connection with because it helps me to create designs that are simple, clean and that tell a story”. She also mentioned the huge effect Britain has on the way she takes inspiration for the collections, “Prints I have designed have come from British granite coastlines, the undersides of old fishing boats, wild cliff faces, and patterns in the sand at low tide.  The designs have now become even more British as I now also produce all the pieces in London and the printing is done in Sussex”.

The connection to Britain’s coastlines and nature adds a certain uniqueness and an understanding to the collections. The talent of Eleanor is inspiring in her own right and the advice she gives to any other aspiring designers is“to get as much experience as you can working at a variety of different design companies.  If you are planning to launch a label then don’t underestimate the importance of business experience as well as design.  Knowing how to produce balance sheets and cash flow projections is just as important as creating patterns and designing prints.  Also familiarise yourself with the support that’s out there!” .

Partimi’s up and coming projects include the new collection designed for Liberty London Fabrics entitled ‘Wild Perennial’ will be launched in A/W 2014. Check out the current collections on the website with more information about the brand and its stockists.

All images courtesy of and Eleanor Dorrien-Smith.