I’m willing to bet that HarleyLikesMusic is like no other musician you will have heard before. An electronic music producer based in Sheffield, Harley is currently gaining rapid recognition for the things he can do with a Nintendo DS. Using a piece of software called Korg DS-10+, Harley is able to create astonishing sounds, manipulating the software to produce a unique type of electro that sits somewhere between chiptune and drum and bass.

Harley started making music by playing around with Ableton, but switched to DS permanently after a couple of successful live shows. Since then he’s played all kinds of gigs, from house parties and raves, to shows in pubs and clubs with other bands and acoustic acts.

I’m not going to pretend I understand the immense technicalities of what Harley does; an attempt at an explanation by me would only be an embarrassment for all involved. Instead I’ll point you towards an interview with Harley in Toast magazine, where he discusses the emergence of an online DS-10 community, and the HarleyLikesMusic Facebook page, which includes a more in-depth account of the technical stuff from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. That being said, I do recognise a good gig when I see one, and having seen Harley perform live a couple of months back, I do feel qualified to say that what he does is ABSOLUTELY BLOODY INCREDIBLE. And I’ve used capital letters there, so you know I mean it.

To listen to more of what Harley does, and to keep your eye out for live shows, visit his website. You can also check him out on Youtube, where you can also watch his DS screen as he works, and you can follow him on Twitter @HarleyLikeMusic. Otherwise, check him out on Soundcloud for loads more awesome tracks.

Deptford Goth

Peckham’s quirky-named and nicely-bearded producer Deptford Goth – real name Daniel Woolhouse – turned a few heads last year when he released his debut EP ‘Youth II’, tapping into the vogue for auto-tuned vocals and moody electronics that saw the likes of James Blake and Ifan Dafydd establish their respective names.

That’s not to say, of course, that Suffolk-born Woolhouse doesn’t plot his own course – his spacious sound seems to draw on more throwback influences than that of his contemporaries, evoking something of eighties electro in its own way.

New single ‘Life After Defo’ serves as a fine example of this, it’s echoing drums and drifting synths providing the perfect backdrop to the sombre lyrics that suggest disillusionment and uncertainty. And if all of that still hasn’t sold Deptford Goth to you, the slightly bizarre video features some dismembered limbs writhing about the screen – entertaining, if nothing else!

His first album is scheduled to drop on Merok Records – the same label that brought you the Klaxons and Crystal Castles – early in 2013. I’ll definitely be interested to see where he takes things.

Check out an interview with him here:                                                                    


Soundcloud here: