Dan Cook

You may not have heard the name Dan Cook yet but trust me, it will soon be everywhere! Think Ben Howard crossed with Maverick Sabre and you will get the talented musician from Hartlepool. Dan has recently been signed to the indie label Marathon Artists and is currently spending many hours in the recording studio.

His musical influences are heavily inspired through different genres like Soul, Hip-Hop and Blues and his favourite band Fink. Dan tends to draw a lot of lyric inspiration from past experience, saying I tend to write about things that have buried themselves so far into my mind that I can fall back into the mindset of that time to relay the experience into a song.”

I caught up with Dan, wanting to know how his love for music started and how it all began for him, “My Dad’s knackered old 12 string guitar used to sit in the corner of my room bedroom as a kid, I’d pick it up and have a mess around. He used to play little things to me which I would try to copy. It was just something that clicked instantly and I never put it down. From then on it was just a natural introduction into music, music is every were, so when you actually get into it and look for it it’s amazing what you will find. I came to a London University just to be in the city and see who I could meet etc and ended up finding myself musically.The effortless way Dan Cook performs, seems like music is definitely in his blood. His gritty and soulful lyrics certainly make him stand out from the crowd to many other artists at the moment.

I also posed the question does London and Britain influence your music in anyway,“My move from Hartlepool (North East) to London has had a big influence on me personally and musically. It allows me to look back on things with a different perspective musically, and appreciate what I have back home.Now you know who Dan Cook is, I guess we will just have to wait eagerly for any upcoming releases!

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Images courtesy of Dan Cook Music & Charlie Sarsfield