Elysia Graace

This week we caught up with up and coming fashion blogger Elysia Graace for an interview about her work as a blogger and her future aspirations.

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

I’m a fashion blogger from the West Midlands, so I get mistaken for a Brummie a lot of the time, but actually residing in Manchester at the moment whilst studying at University. I’m currently studying Business and Marketing which I love to bits as you get leeway on all of the creative marketing campaign projects.

Explain the concept and purpose of your work…

When I stated my blog, my aim was to show people the occasional outfit of the day, but most of all how to style old and new together. I buy a lot from vintage and charity shops so mixing those styles with new trends can be tricky sometimes!

How and why did you get into fashion?

My first love for fashion was whilst I was studying my A levels and had to create custom pieces myself for a collection towards my end grade, after this I knew I wanted to do something that would put my mind at a creative edge. I love marketing and combing the two is my idea of perfect (education lifestyle talking).

Who inspires you the most?

Apart from the bloggers, companies and people I have met throughout my journey as a blogger, I know it sounds cliché but my father inspires me a lot, just in the way of how had working he is and his morals with work life. I recently went to work for Motel Rocks in London for a few days helping out with their sample sale, and the people I met there were so inspirational, how much dedication goes into what people think is just sorting clothes out is unreal.

Which fashion blogger would you compare your blog most to?

There are many fashion bloggers that do the same as me, some popular ones are ‘Fashion Influx’ and ‘Waiste’… featuring outfits of the day and pieces they’ve been sent by companies to feature on their blog (something that I am striving for!).

What is your favourite blog article to date?

My personal favourite blog post is from last summer, when I first stated blogging, featuring my Saltwater Gypsy vintage Harley Davidson leather vest… purely because it reminds me of the fun day me and my sister had shooting this and the waistcoat and boots I’m wearing are 2 of my favourite pieces! Plus it was in the middle of a super hot heat wave! Which we can never moan about. 

What is your favourite brand of clothing to wear?

I do love my vintage and charity shop pieces, because of the reaction I get when people find out that they’re actually from a charity shop etc. So I am a sucker for second hand, however, I do absolutely love Zara and Motel Rocks, the prints and uniqueness of motel rocks and the classy sleekness of Zara…

What are your aspirations and goals for the future?

In the future I would like to have my blog at a place where it has a reach of thousands, like some of the blogs I follow, so I can inspire a lot more readers daily; getting involved in many more blogger related and fashion events also. I’m going to continue working for companies to gain experience and network within my favourite brands so I can hopefully combine marketing and fashion for my ideal and desired career once I have graduated from University. I have a tiny little desire to open my own vintage and custom clothing company too with family and friends help, so this is a back seat aspiration at the moment! Fingers crossed.

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