Kinetic aka Ben Efficial

Afternoon everyone, how are we all doing today? 

I’ve recently been on a bit of a design blogging binge, and although I’ve been loving it, It’s fantastic to be here writing about an amazing rapper from north London.

If passion and dedication are anything to go by, Ben Hains (or Kinetic) is up there with the best young recording artists. He’s incredibly talented and has been writing since he was 10, and recording since he was 12, after saving up his birthday money to pay for a recording session. Now 14 years old, he is well and truly taking over, with the help of his producers at The Next Room.

He may only be 14, but this young lad hasn’t stopped! He’s been working hard to bring you the best he has, and has already played at the Stratford Theatre, released a number of viral videos and has been working on his album. Wow, it’s easy to forget his age when he shows the dedication of a long running professional. But what’s next for Kinetic? Well after a few years of hard work he’s ready to make his mark and take the music industry by storm. Will you be there to see him take off? Here’s what he had to say…

“Hi I’m“Ben Efficial aka Kinetic, 14year old rapper song writer  musician from North London. My main passion is true hip hop. For a while now I’ve been hearing meaningless lyrics; whether its in the charts or deep in the underground of rap. I hope to be someone that’s bringing real content back to life. Some of my songs are cheerful some are more heart felt, and some are just me bigging myself up in hilarious ways. I have always been very open minded to different genres of music such as rock, rap, pop, reggae, dubstep, drum and bass, grime ect. Now 14. I started writing my own rap lyrics at just 10 years old just for a laugh, since then I can’t get enough of it. My interest in different musical sounds has inspired me to take my lyrics and style further. I’ve been working with “The Next Room” productions who are helping me to develop my sound further, and also influenced me to write melodic choruses. Join me as I continue to bring you raw to the core banging tunes!”

With so many artists out there today, it’s incredibly admirable for someone to put in the real time and effort it takes, just for the love of music. If you like what you’re reading, or you just want to try some fresh new music then look no further, and head over to one of Kinetics pages, where you can get to know more about him…


If you want to see more fantastic artists, on the brink of breakthrough why don’t you check out The Next Room Studios in North London, or send them a message if you’re an artist looking for guidance, and production.


I hope you enjoyed that, and if you did, remenber the name Ben Efficial. This won’t be the last we hear of him!

Until next time guys.