Vittorio Ciccarelli

Vittorio Ciccarelli is an Italian artist, born in Naples in 1980, who currently lives and works in Aversa. His projects range from unusual to spectacular, always involving multiple layers. Ciccarelli enjoys playing with everyday objects such as paper, books, bubble wrap and pill wraps, decontextualizing them and offering them a new vision.

His first project ‘Bookmark’ is intended to be slightly ironic, combining two different eras: old and new. In that sense bubble wrap is juxtaposed over a picture of an old Renaissance painting. There is a playful twist on the hidden identity of the woman in the tableau, almost as if she were to attend a bal masqué, with a modern pill package over her eyes instead of the traditional feathered mask. The underlying theme of identity is explored throughout the series as she keeps hiding herself under a butter knife, bubble wrap or even a patterned window that only allow for colours and shapes to emerge out of a blurry vision.

Ciccarelli’s second project, ‘Amabili Resti’, is slightly more deep, visualizing the ‘sense of beautiful things, lost or forgotten, and later found’. Only fragments of portraits are shown, such as a torn picture or a square which represents an eye. Again, themes of lost identity and beauty resurface through Ciccarelli’s projects, reflecting on what needs to be seen  and what needs to remain hidden from the public eye; an accurate portrayal of beauty back in the time.

Vittorio Ciccarelli

Inthefrow -Victoria Magrath

At the University of Manchester’s Design and Fashion Business school, it’s fair to say that there a LOT of girls who love fashion, who perhaps have their own fashion blogs and dream of being the Next Big Thing. Except one girl is – doctor of fashion, lecturer Victoria Magrath decided to start her own blog Inthefrow, and from it came an award from Company magazine and over 3,400 followers (and counting!)  I caught up with her to talk all things fashion and blogging…

What made you decide to start your own fashion/beauty blog?

I wanted to have my own voice and outlet for my thoughts and opinions. I loved reading blogs at the time and would buy so many new products on other people’s recommendations – it was my way of chilling out in an evening really. So one night I just decided that I wanted to write my own recommendations and the past year is history.

You recently won the best personal style newcomer award at Company magazine – what great opportunities have come from this?

This was such an honour and I still can’t believe I won after just a few months of blogging. I had the opportunity to go down to London and meet so many fantastic bloggers, as well as the entire Company Magazine team. Through that I also managed to get myself a three week placement at Company HQ with the Fashion and features teams, which was an amazing experience. One night we went to the Rihanna x River Island party which was just amazing! But I also grew so much from the experience, in my own confidence and belief in myself and my blog grew with that.

What’s your favourite trend for this A/W?

My favourite trend this season definitely has to be pink coats. With having pink hair, I love matching my hair to my coat; and a cute baby pink, woolly coat makes you feel so feminine and pretty. I love it. But I do also love Tartan, if it is done right. There are so many check and tartan prints out at the moment that look quite cheap and quickly done. If you find a good tartan print, you’ve found yourself a winner.

What piece of advice do you have for all aspiring fashion bloggers out there?

For any new fashion bloggers, I would say that you need to bring something new to the scene. It is so saturated now that everyone needs their own USP almost. If you can find yours, then you’re halfway there, really. Try not to copy someone else and just be yourself. People will follow you for that reason.

Victoria x Inthefrow

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Beauty and Soul Brought to London: One to Watch: Kenzie May

Boston-born, yet Britain-bred, Kenzie May is one of London’s young talented musicians using her experiences in the city as both her backdrop and inspiration. With admirable amounts of experience under her belt, Kenzie’s beats are organic in that they flow freely,  consisting of tongue-in-cheek wordplay and fluid, honest lyrics.

With songs such as the raw, moving “Say Nothing” which is almost reminiscent of ballads of the early nineties, to the upcoming single “Hide & Seek”, her word play based on love, with the twist of childhood games, memories, and nursery rhymes are honest and right on point for the more literary, thinking crowd.

Moved by  art and creativity, the mesmerising Kenzie May is both beautiful and talented. Her writing style and composition are one of the most relevant pieces of work for someone so in touch with our generation. The rawness in her synthesized and digital sounds  break the mold from the forgettable radio releases we hear constantly.

Having collaborated with favourites and pros, such as Sub Focus in their tune “Falling Down” ad well as BeatauCue “Slow Down” and Bastille & F Stokes “Bad Blood”, Kenzie May is hard working and experimental with different techniques.

Writing in a flow which makes the surface of your skin chill, as well as your body to rock form side to side, is a rare talent which Kenzie May possesses, as each song is haunting in a way to lead to an afterthought and reflection – pop music for the thinking set, if you will.

 Kenzie’s single “Hide & Seek” produced by Jocke Åhlund of Teddybears, is set to have its video release by the end of the month, done by De La Muerte Films.

For some pop with honesty and edge, check out more on or check out her most recent collaboration with FTSE, “Float” on Soundcloud.

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