Beauty and Soul Brought to London: One to Watch: Kenzie May

Boston-born, yet Britain-bred, Kenzie May is one of London’s young talented musicians using her experiences in the city as both her backdrop and inspiration. With admirable amounts of experience under her belt, Kenzie’s beats are organic in that they flow freely,  consisting of tongue-in-cheek wordplay and fluid, honest lyrics.

With songs such as the raw, moving “Say Nothing” which is almost reminiscent of ballads of the early nineties, to the upcoming single “Hide & Seek”, her word play based on love, with the twist of childhood games, memories, and nursery rhymes are honest and right on point for the more literary, thinking crowd.

Moved by  art and creativity, the mesmerising Kenzie May is both beautiful and talented. Her writing style and composition are one of the most relevant pieces of work for someone so in touch with our generation. The rawness in her synthesized and digital sounds  break the mold from the forgettable radio releases we hear constantly.

Having collaborated with favourites and pros, such as Sub Focus in their tune “Falling Down” ad well as BeatauCue “Slow Down” and Bastille & F Stokes “Bad Blood”, Kenzie May is hard working and experimental with different techniques.

Writing in a flow which makes the surface of your skin chill, as well as your body to rock form side to side, is a rare talent which Kenzie May possesses, as each song is haunting in a way to lead to an afterthought and reflection – pop music for the thinking set, if you will.

 Kenzie’s single “Hide & Seek” produced by Jocke Åhlund of Teddybears, is set to have its video release by the end of the month, done by De La Muerte Films.

For some pop with honesty and edge, check out more on or check out her most recent collaboration with FTSE, “Float” on Soundcloud.

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Star Slinger

Star Slinger, also known as Darren Williams, is a DJ/Producer based out of Manchester.

After studying Music Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University, Darren decided to focus in on his own music, primarily remixing. He’s been remixing since 2010, but recently Darren’s talent has been getting a lot of hype – and a lot of notice.

His remixes remind me of what it must be like to be in a trance – To be coherent, but not totally conscious of what’s around you. That, I think, is what makes it so popular – It’s much different to some of the harsher, bass-y – type music that surrounds us in the music industry, especially in regards to electronic music.

When asked what makes his music so mesmerizing, and how he knows when he’s finished a song, Darren claims:

“I subscribe to the notion that less is more. Massive ass drum beats are really all you need to dance.”

Fair play.