Bear’s Den

Beards. Banjos. Bear’s Den have it all.

(However before any Glaswegians among you say a word, that’s Bear’s Den as in the animal habitat thing,  not Bearsden as in the town off of Glasgow thing- and don’t let Google correct you different)

Seeing them first this February after a friend kept relentlessly recommending them,  the first thing that strikes you when you listen to them, is just how have you not heard of them before? The acoustic three-man band (Andrew Davie, Kev Jones, and Joey Haynes), are more than on the rise however, and it only seems like only a matter of time before they become a much more well known name. Last year they supported both Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men on their US tours, and are part of the same West London record label Communion that has helped boost the careers of those such as Daughter and Laura Marling.

When describing them I suppose the easy way out is just to directly compare them to the likes of Mumford & Sons, since they are fitted into the same ‘modern folk’ category. But really they’re a bit more mellow than them, and more soulful. But that’s not to say their sound is mournful at all- the prominent use of a banjo and solid drumming keep the pace upbeat and dynamic; their songs can be ridiculously catchy.

But it’s the storytelling and sincerity of their music that makes them vital listening; in particular their best known single Pompeii, and A Year Ago Today from their newest EP Agape is beautiful listening, full of emotion and lovely harmonies.

You can follow them on facebook, twitter, and check out their music on the Communion page.