Creative Focus Week

This week the University of Central Lancashire opens its doors to the public for its Creative Focus Week from the 16th to the 21st June. A week long degree show exhibition of all its creative final year students individual work with courses stretching across a broad spectrum of subjects from Architecture, Media, Design, Fine art, Performance and fashion across the universities Preston campus.

The week features sculpture, design, paintings, sound instillations, animation, film and much more displayed in various studios located in the Hanover, Victoria and Harris buildings and the universities Media Factory. With the Hanover building also exhibiting work by the foundation year art and design students.

The week also features the Creative Focus Awards on Friday 13th June, with one student from each of the creative courses nominated and a student will be chosen from each area to receive the award. Friday the 20th of June will also see the catwalk exhibition of the UCLan Fashion Design students, many of which showcased their collections at this years Graduate Fashion week at London’s Truman Brewery.

The entire week long Creative Focus exhibition (10am-6pm )  is completely free and guided tours are available for businesses, schools and colleges. Staff and students can also be found throughout each building ready to discuss courses and individual work for any visitors wanting any more information. This highly anticipated event is a chance to see many important names of the creative future displaying their final major projects that their whole three academic years have been working up to.

Anna Gibb

Anna Gibb is interested in cities and their development; she looks at walls, towers, cityscapes and skylines, exploring layout, structure and geometry of cities in detail. Her inspiration lays in history, old maps and city panoramas, creating complex artworks, she combines architectural experience and passion for hand drawing. She reconstructs past urban environments, as if they were never destroyed or altered over the course of time.

Anna is an architectural assistant and illustrator, based in Scotland. After graduating in 2009 from the Robert Gordon University, she was awarded the John Kinross Scholarship to study in Florence for three month. Anna also spent seven month in Australia, undertook an artist – in- residency at the Wasps studios in Glasgow and this year she was chosen to take part in the Venice Takeaway project.

She transfers her travel and cultural experiences into architectural drawings, being enthusiastic about history and context, she creates her visions of the past, bringing old towns and cities back to life. Her portfolio of elaborately executed drawings shows vast selection of numerous cities, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Moscow, Melbourne, Florence and Venice. The featured video represents the development of her drawing of Paris urban scenery from day 1 until finish.

To find out more about her works and to check out her latest artwork for “365 drawings” that stands for her personal challenge of making a drawing every day for a year, visit this website:

David Fleck

I am inspired by artists who experiment between mediums, combine contrary experiences and don’t limit themselves to one way of communicating their ideas to the public. I have seen artists brilliantly merging different methods of expression into original artwork, making a transition from common to unexplored and David Fleck is one of them.

David Fleck is an architecture student and artist based in Glasgow. He creates illustrations, translating architectural experience into beautiful artworks. I was first introduced to David Fleck’s works in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, featuring his current show “Our Ancestors”. Further research led me to various websites and online design competitions, where he is successfully participating and has created numerous projects. His designs are printed on CD covers, clothes and product packaging. `

His illustrations invite you to a fantasy world, where architecture has new possibilities and ordinary objects expand their potential in a playful manner. Cities growing on the trees, cloth ropes becoming kits and buildings transformed into air-balloons expand your imagination. Skilful use of architectural elements and buildings in his illustrations evidently shows the background in architecture. Contradiction between geometry and natural forms, use of silhouette and negative space creates a beautiful contrast and each artwork tells a story.

Looking through his portfolio I can definitely say that David Fleck’s works are original, inspiring and eye-catching, admired by a growing number of people. That makes him a great fit for the Born in Britain project. To see more of his works visit the Red Door Gallery, this website online shop .

Inga Baufale