Amelia Le Brun

At 18 years of age, most of us think of the world in A to B terms, which puts young photographer and model Amelia Le Brun way ahead of the pack. Born to British parents in Germany, Amelia has spent her life traipsing the globe; from Kuwait to Scotland, Jamaica to Dubai, hers has been an eclectic upbringing.

Now living in London studying for an arts degree, Amelia has had time to lay down some roots and travel the world around her- remaining the greatest source of inspiration.

A mix of candid headshots and street photography make up the bulk of her portfolio, but as a model, she also dabbles in constructed fashion shots.

Though photography is her prime medium, fashion is also a source of creative indulgence for Amelia. Her look is somewhat hectic, but far from being otherworldly, it as an aesthetic that is very natural and obviously a product of her creative personality and upbringing.

A professional career is on the horizon for this young artist, but for the moment she’s living and working for her craft. Inspiring stuff.

A selection of Amelia’s work can be found at – she can be contacted at