Alessi’s Ark

 Doesn’t everyone know that one person who’s so talented and lovely that it’s almost annoying? Well, who would be annoying if they weren’t also so disgusting nice and likeable. And I’m afraid to say I’ve now found that person in music form: singer/songwriter Alessi Laurent-Marke, who performs under the name Alessi’s Ark. 

After leaving school at 16 to pursue her music Alessi is now only 22, but already a seasoned veteran of the UK music scene. Not only has she worked on albums with the likes of Bright Eyes’ Mike Mogis, but she’s also toured multiple times with the likes of Laura Marling and recently contributed vocals to Young Colossus; Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks’ new venture.

I actually found her work through a friend recommending me Tinsmithing, the first track on her recent album The Still Life. It’s a song which sets the tone for much of her work: beautifully clear vocals with a folky edge and a snappy beat.

And her singing style is the type that can make you stop and pay attention even after only hearing one song- it’s a little bit ethereal, a little bit elfin. In that aspect she’s rather similar to Joanna Newsom; she’s clearly not afraid to experiment with her vocals and track layering, giving many of her songs an almost dreamlike quality.

A lovely compliment to her music is her interest in art as well: she has her own etsy shop selling various stitched and hand drawn pieces she’s made, and her website actually features all her own illustrations, which are just as sweet and charming as her music.

And if you didn’t think she was quite sweet enough already, she even has her own blog, Brain Bulletin, where Alessi simply shares any songs, films, or artists that she comes across and really likes. It’s a lovely insight into her own life and tastes, and she does share some musical gems there.





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