Evie Kitt

Evie Kitt is a 21-year-old artist studying at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford. Being one of the most esteemed Art Schools in the country, the course allows its students to follow their own art practice alongside immersive academia. Her dedication began by focusing on figurative drawing until she could accurately recreate her visual surroundings. Branching out into figurative drawing and then progressing into abstraction, Evie also partakes in illustrative drawing independent from her abstract creations.

One of the most striking things when first laying eyes on Evie’s paintings is the exploration of vivid colour and immersive landscapes. The depth of pigment and contrasts of light and dark complement the abstract visuals. Incredibly impactful yet beautiful without being shallow. Indulging the artist’s fascination with space, nebula, land and waterscape, balancing the organic and the natural world around us. Achieved through the medium of paint, which is underlined by intensity and luminosity. The paintings are designed to entice the viewer’s attention, to stimulate the eye and feed the visual appetite. It is clear Evie produces work that a viewer wants to look at whilst expressing her own creative enjoyment and physical process of painting.

Achieving these paintings by working on the floor, Evie uses a mix of professional and household materials. Making art with a hands on approach that sandwiches unique skill with igneous method. There is an understated charm about working on the floor and using a mix of materials to create something that is reminiscent of an otherworldly universe. Maybe this alternative visual is reflective of the process of painting, if you consider painting an attempt to control the uncontrollable. Often abstract art tries to obliterate some form of reality, which the works do, but they also succeed at creating a new center to focus on. With many focal points littering the painted canvases. There is a sense of creating an alternative visual within the physical boundaries of a canvas, referencing the old traditions of making art. Evoking a sense of freedom and movement, indicate how the paintings are formed. Evie’s creations rely on the tensions of knowing how to play with the materials to produce her vision versus the chance happenings that occur on the canvas. The success of her work should be measured by the stunning visuals she creates and the impact upon her viewers.

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Wayne Mok’s Abstract Exploration

Introducing contemporary abstract artist Wayne Mok- Born in Hong Kong brought up in London from the age of 13 and educated in the US completing his Art degree at the California College of The Arts in San Francisco. Since graduating Mok has worked as a curator before transitioning to life as an artist. Mok now spends his time between Londonand the USA.

He works in short series of acrylic paintings to explore the beauty, spontaneity and power of repetition, drawing on the philosophical history of his Chinese heritage and the western influences of his time spent in the city of London. His work is more of a series of explorations, not an attempt at perfection or a finite result. Pleasure, possession, fulfillment and beauty are all themes within his work.

Wayne has exhibited in London and the US, including the South London Gallery, The Tabernacle Gallery and more recently the hugely successful The Other Art Fair at Ambika P3 in West London.