Stubborn Heart

“Electronic soul from the heart”; so goes the self-penned description of Stubborn Heart, an electronic duo who’ve drawn comparisons to James Blake, Mount Kimbie and The XX.

Accepting that the duo does indeed follow in this ‘future-garage/dubstep’ lineage is an apt way of trying to understand the band, but the points at which differ from their contemporaries draw the most interest.

The vocals, which sound liker a cleaner and sharper Anthony Hegarty, add to the atmospherics where the music, at times, fails in innovation. There is a greater emphasis on lyricism with incantatory repetitions of key lines for emphasis. Recent single ‘Need Someone’ opens with a sparse beat which ushers in a contemplative vocal line which settles broodingly on the thought “I need someone to love”.

The almost minimalist instrumentation on tracks like album opener ‘Penetrate’ draw attention to the “soul” rather than the “electronics”; this is a band who favours heart-ache over the head-nod.

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