Story Books

Having supported the likes of  Bloc Party, American sensations Grouplove, and supporting the Rolling Stones this July Story Books, a five piece band from Kent, are quickly creating a name for themselves as a formidable force in the UK indie band battle for recognition. Combining the use of traditional instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice) Story Books maintain a traditional sound whilst exploring the hybrid genre of melancholy ballad fused with that undeniable indie party vibe. Utilising dynamics and sounds from the post-rock landscape, and melding them with studious, warm vocals and fuzzy overdriven guitar, Story Books have hit a winning formula right, and have resultantly won love from BBC 6Music and beyond. Too Much a Hunter, their debut EP, displays a maturity that would fit any later bands output. Self produced at Squarehead Studio in Sittingbourne and mixed by Tony Doogan, this four track EP follows the success of a limited vinyl release last year.  

All Those Arrows, their debut single from the EP, manages to play a fine line between the melancholy and party vibe as already mentioned. Mixing up a catchy chorus with a underlay of downhearted guitar riffs and pounding drums Story Books create something of a musical conundrum. This song is perfect in equal measure for blasting out in a drink soaked floor on a Friday night or for listening to on a rainy day whilst tending to your hangover the morning after. Simple Kids another highlight of the EP remains more in the traditional indie style of  prominent live drums and uplifting melodies. That alternative, saddened groove interweaves itself still throughout, however this really is a song you can sing along to and feel good doing so.  We see in this song, as in the rest of the EP, the piano playing an essential role in adding harmony and bulking up the sound of Story BooksThe reliance on chord progressions, effective hooks and traditional percussion strays away from the electro indie sound that has swept over our ears in current years. Kristopher Harris effectively uses his strong voice and spiky lyrics to wash away any need for frills an d spills in the form of synth sound exploration and splashes of vocal fx.

All in all, if you like your indie raw, expressive and straight to the point… then Story Books may just be your ticket.

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