Stephanie Webb

With a background in textile design but a flair for illustration and everything in between, Stephanie Webb (perhaps more easily found as her website name ‘Stephanie-Says’) epitomises the true ideal of a ‘designer’: everything she produces is touched with a clear personal style, no matter the medium.

Her work has a very ‘tea and cake’ kind of vibe; but the more geometric designs and more edgy patternwork definitely carry her portfolio on past simply that. Also she does do some really cool drawings of bears wearing jumpers, and if you say you don’t like drawings of bears wearing jumpers then I’m afraid I just don’t believe you.

Originally from Coventry, Stephanie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 with a BA in textiles, and she remains there working as a freelance designer and a window dresser for Anthropologie. If you happen to be a native there yourself then you can more often than not find her work being sold at places such at the Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street.

She was also generous enough to answer a couple of quickfire questions from me, which you can read for your delight below…

Your work ranges beautifully from papercuts to very illustrative pieces to textile prints- is there a particular form you enjoy working on the most?

I think I’ll always have a love of print and pattern for textiles, it’s what I studied at college so the screen printing process is something I’ll always go back to. The papercuts were initially a technique I used to create repeat patterns in ways other than drawing and painting, but these have since evolved to become individual commissions which I do really enjoy doing. They’re always so personal to the client and each one is different.

What piece of work, or event in your career so far, are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my wallpaper designs for Anthropologie, still! 

What does the immediate future hold for you and your work?

I’m hoping to expand on my collections of stationery and prints this year, and I continue to sell on Etsy and in craft markets where possible! I collaborated with a fashion designer, Antonia Lloyd, last year and provided her with a print for her Menswear collection. Going forward I’d love to be involved with more projects like this, it’s great to see your work in context and used often in a completely different way to what you’d expected! 

And lastly (apologies, a groaner of a question): what or who is the biggest influence on your life and work?

I’m quite lucky in that for the most part, the freelance work I do is self initiated, at first it is anyway. So I guess I get my inspiration from whatever’s around me.  Living in Edinburgh is pretty inspirational, it’s such a beautiful city. I wouldn’t say there’s one particular influence on my life and work, but I suppose music plays a big part. Ask me that question 10 years ago and I would have said Radiohead. No hesitation.


So make sure to go check out her work! She’s got both a lovely website, a blog, and an above mentioned etsy shop


You can also follow her on twitter, facebook and tumblr, so you pretty much don’t have an excuse not to check her out really.


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