Stephanie Jayne Designs returns.

Now you may recognise the name from a blog post about Stephanie from my fellow ambassador Rebecca, so I hope you are already in love with her but be prepared for a box full of new products ideas and brand points. She has come so far in a year she is a shinning example of creativity fine tuned in to a strong business.

 A intro from her.

Hi I’m Steph! Currently studying an Enteprise Placement Year with Huddersfield Uni. I study Graphic Design BA Honours, but have a passion for illustration and patterns! Next year I will complete my final year. After a placement in the Tigerprint Studios last Spring I gained freelance work in and out of the studio for the past year, which is fabulous because I get to work with a lovely bunch of fellow creatives and so far I have had 6 designs in M&S with more on their way to the shops! I am passionate about creativity ( sounds super cheesy I know). But if you love and enjoy doing something that much then why not peruse it. Being so driven to succeed I decided to take the plunge and launch my own creative business. So I started off with a goal I’d love to see someone walking around with my designs and products and be able to get all super excited. 8 months down the line, that happened I got super excited and my goals are now a lot more ambitious. I think my passion and drive is what is making my business such a success. I started out selling a few stationery designs, now moving on to baby clothes, homeware etc; it’s great to be diving into lots of things!!

Tell us about the new ranges, since the woodlen creatures?

Well, the woodland creatures are still there! Got to love them, my plan was to do them as limited runs! Only they recieved too much attention ( they were really flattered) and I had to continue them, so I introduced some more. I think the Whimsical Woodland will be continuinally changing with new characters etc. I also created Little Spring Collection, quirky cute spring animals like sheep, cows , rabbits, chickens! And now I am creating a baby range full of super cute little animals!

So a new baby range how did that come about?

Well it was through my customers really! I always ask them what they would like for me to be bringing to them, and something for babies really stood out! Who wouldn’t love to design some uber cute little baby grows and super cute animals! Well, my baby range is still in development but it is branded Little Deers by Stephanie Jayne! Imagine pink and blue turtles, spotty elephants, stripey whales, you name it I’ll do it! I want to create unique designs that really will make that special gift for a new baby! I am also offering a bespoke service in which I create a design that will be special for one little baby! No one else will have it. I have already completed a bespoke collection, including baby grows, vests, plaques, cards , bibs and bags adorned with Pink Giraffes and Purple Hippos! It went down a storm!!

Your designs have an animal theme, is that your signature style? As well as the typographic puns and one liners.

I never actually thought I had a style, until people said! Oh I can tell that’s yours its definitely your style! Gotta love the puns and the dodgy looking animals! They make people smile! So why not create more! I would’nt say I’m a witty person but those animals definitely bring it out of me!

So the we can buy online at…. Any fairs or plans for a stall or store some time soon?

you can buy here via PayPal
I have Thought Bubble Again in Leeds this year November 13
And I’m planning on a few other events this summer.

Future ranges?? any sneak peaks you want to tell us about first?

Future ranges….. Well lets just think Safari, Jungle.. Maybe I’m telling you a bit too much!

Anything to add.Please come follow me on Twitter and Facebook!
Stay Lovely My Deers!
So lots of new stuff from Stephanie but plenty more to come I am sure. So please do follow her on Facebook and twitter and pick yourself up some amazing stuff which make perfect gifts or just keep for yourself and brighten up your day.
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