SoftBox Photography Collective is a newly formed arts collective based in Edinburgh which include the photographers; Alice Burden, Anastasios Gaitanos, Billie Kate Dryden, Elizabete Rancane, Hannah Killoh, Heidi Voss, Loren Stuart, Monika Grabowska, Selina Kearney, Stella Heath Keir and Tiu Makkonen.

The collective aims to provide a platform for these soon to be graduates to gain experience working as professionals, and thus enable them to have the upper hand when they finally enter the real world. This includes organising exhibitions, talks and networking events which gives them the opportunity to showcase their work, make industry connections, and practice the skills that are invaluable when working as a photographer in the real world.

Each of the collective’s members works tirelessly to organise things and gather public interest and appreciation. Their core belief is that photography and art should be available to all and able to experience in a stimulating way.

This year they organised an exhibition in Edinburgh’s Old Ambulance Depot about ‘the Human Condition’.

As they have declared on their website, ‘Through our pure, unadulterated infatuation for this medium of light, we wish to project similar feelings of excitement and curiosity to anyone who engages with our work and events. We will never stop creating.’

As for the future, SoftBox is planning on going to FreeRange to showcase what they have to offer. Please check out the SoftBox website and follow them on facebook and twitter to find out what’s happening and of course to see all of their excellent work.

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