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I met the lovely Shital during her time as a student and now you can find her working as a graphic designer but what impressed me was and is her fashion photography. I was drawn to her lovely photography skills, which always projected a deeper theme and meaning.

 A little bit about herself-

I am a Graphic design graduate, now working as a print/fashion graphic designer.
I like the cross over of fashion incorporated within graphics whether its typography, image or sketches. I don’t really have any major qualifications in photography, its a passion I have always blended into my graphics work. I began just clicking away with friends, getting them to pose in a certain way, with a photographer in mind and later began bringing in photography within my uni projects. This later developed when I starting working with fashion designers and makeup artist and realised the level I could achieve. I recently did a short course (6 evening classes) to learn about lighting and how this can frame my model or make elements powerful. At the moment I am working full time, but in the weekends I create my own briefs and shoot away.

So how important is keeping your photography passion going to you?

I’ve worked as a photography assistant, helping on wedding shoots and i’ve also just gone out with my camera to shoot as its my hobby. What I’ve realised is when theres no set brief and I’m shooting purely for myself the passion really comes out and I begin to challenge myself in order to capture something really strong. If theres no passion, theres no real urge to capture the right moment and result with a strong visual. The images really reflect your eagerness as you will go that extra mile and try to get what you want.

Do you think in this digital age where everyone has a camera, professional photographers have a place?

Everyone I know ranging from 12-60 has some form of built in camera on their devices. As technology is improving with filters and people not relying on manual modes everyone can take a decent shot. But the professionals still stand out from the crowd with photography, because they spent time learning and growing and really understanding the difference between a decent shot and a powerful shot. Everyone with a camera assumes they are a photographer so it must be really difficult for those who really appreciate photography and who have been in the industry for many years. I have huge respect for these professionals and due the the level of their work I thinks its obvious to say that they will be valued and remain for a long time.

Tell us about your favourite project to date?

I really enjoyed my project Modern Day Goddesses, which was for an up coming makeup artist. She wanted to push her career in theatrical makeup and asked me to create a concept to demonstrate her versatile talent. I came up with the idea of combining hindu goddesses meets birds, this would show a fusion of colour and we could really exaggerate certain elements. Here I had the opportunity to network with makeup artists, fashion designers and create a model cast. I was able to put a team together and art direct. It gave me an insight to how a shoot would operate and I loved every minute of it. To date I think its my strongest concept and visuals I have created.

What would you do with a Gola pair of shoes, if you could photograph them?

I would challenge myself and aim to get high fashion shots of men and women in Gola footwear. Even though Gola has marketed them selves in the fashion sector many people associate it to sports therefore I would love to push the fashion side of it. My concept would be that the footwear is a statement piece and you don’t need any other accessories as it would complete your outfit. I want to portray thats its a luxury brand which would be perfect for the fashion conscious. I would also be able to incorporate the Gola bags into the shoot.

What can we expect from you next? Got the next shoot planned yet?

Recently, I just did a shoot for an upcoming musician. Instead of working in the studio with setup lighting I thought it would be interesting to work in the natural light. Take away the makeup artist and props and just have myself the model working together. I found this challenging as Im used to planning every element of the shoot, where as this time the model was in control of her outfits and her body positions. I think this is what I want to work on more, nothing staged just go out and use the surrounding as it is with my model.

Find more of Shital’s images on her website they are well worth a look.

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