Seppy Spades

Sheffield is a city that is surprisingly pro-esque when it comes to music. There is always a new band to see, a new sound to hear and a constant ‘have you heard?’ I suppose the most recent hype really started when the Arctic Monkey’s broke through a few years ago (and people are still riding off the wave of their success).

Seppy Spades is an artist who offers something to Sheffield’s R’N’B scene. He’s only 20 years old, but has been collaborating with artists for several years, helping to expose them whilst building his own reputation. His songs include collaborations with a number of artists including Twins & I and the group Future Soundz.

Seppy’s interest in music mainly came from his dad, who he describes as ‘music crazy’.  After hearing so much music through his father, Seppy found himself with a love for Michael Jackson. Seppy found that Jackson’s music was the kind of music that changes people’s lives with his song topics and skills, this made Seppy want to create something that could affect people in the same way.

Seppy started making music properly after buying himself some studio equipment and gained popularity after taking part in a rap battle in his school. After that he joined the group M3, and that’s how he got to where he is today, achieving things such as performing on the main stage at the O2 in Sheffield. Now he’s just released his mixtape iCONic, and properly established himself as part of Sheffield’s Future Soundz.

In the future Seppy hopes to burst into the music business, and having listened to his mixtape, it seems to be as though this is a realistic goal. It’s good to see someone so young who is making his own way using time and effort. Seppy definitely has a lot to offer.

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