SEAWAVES are a Dreampop duo from Manchester, comprised of Si Van Brussel and Dan Trayno.  In their own words, they united through analogous life experiences at the end of 2012; paralleled with mutual appreciation of the emotional perceptions obtained within dreams and reflecting those same feelings in both audio and visual form.

SEAWAVES are currently in the process of producing their debut full length release entitled ‘The Pistol Star’ which they plan to release at the end of the year. The album will feature the acclaimed up-and-coming songs “Born To Fly” and “I’ll Love You All The Time” both of which receive regular radio play on stations such as XFM and Amazing Radio; The latter of which is featured on the Mango Alley Digital Imprint 2013 Summer Chillout Compilation Album ‘We Only See Sun Glare’ which is available on iTunes, Beatport and Juno music stores and is receiving fast rising popularity worldwide.

Although currently unsigned they aim to correspond with the best record labels who wish to share and promote the SEAWAVES vision, which is to provide the audience with a brand new way of experiencing music…

1. Who are your greatest musical influences?

Si: I grew up listening to all kinds of metal bands and gradually progressed into other areas.  Jared Leto has a brilliant voice and great stage presence, but I like to take influences from all great singers.  Hopefully one day, I’ll get to a place where I am mentioned amongst them.

Dan:  I’m actually more influenced by film composers such as James Newton Howard, Jon Brion, Thomas Newman, which probably explains why SEAWAVES can sound very film-like.

2.  How do you enjoy gigging?  Do you have a favourite city?

Si & Dan:  We’ve currently only just started touring, but we’ve got constant bookings for late 2013.  We like to showcase our unique talent and vision to live audiences around the UK; and hope that one day, we can deliver filmic visuals which we have shot and directed ourselves.

Our opening show was in Sheffield, and we’re playing our hometown of Manchester on the 23rd November at Dry Bar in the Northern Quarter which we’re really looking forward to.  We hope to get a full tour on board at some point in the near future; but for now, we hope to just astound and perplex our audiences with a brand new, never before seen live experience.

3. What do you reckon you’d be doing if you weren’t in the music industry?

Si & Dan: Our second love after music is gym and keeping in good shape, so most likely personal trainers!  However, we are also keen to get more into directing.

4. What’s the plan for 2014?

Si & Dan: Our debut album ‘The Pistol Star’ will be released in 2014, and we’re looking to release four singles from it; including ‘Born To Fly’ and ‘I’ll Love You All The Time’, both of which actually receive regular radio play on XFM and Amazing Radio.  Also, although we’re currently unsigned; our aim is to correspond with the best record labels who wish to share and promote the SEAWAVES vision, which is to provide the audience with a brand new way of experiencing music; converging sonic reality and cinematic dreams in a truly epic form.  Finally, we hope to continue playing more shows in the UK and unravel exactly what the SEAWAVES vision is.

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