Sandra Hagelstam

The fashion industry is insanely competitive, and if you want to make it big, you need to keep up with the trends before they even hit the streets.

Sandra Hagelstam, studying at the London College of Fashion but originally hailing from Finland, is definitely playing her cards right when it comes to the industry. Her blog, 5 inch and up, is a daily look into her life of all things fashion and what she’s doing to keep up with it. She has the in’s and out’s, sneak peek’s of what’s going on behind closed doors, and is top notch when it comes to discovering creatively fresh, new designers and styles.

Besides wishing I had everything in her wardrobe, which I do – Sandra’s blog is unique in that it’s not a typical street fashion blog. Paired with her unique outlook to and style with fashion, Sandra creates statements and looks that are easily achievable, whether or not you go about it in a financially controversial way. That, I think, in itself is what makes her blog as appealing as it is.

 – Killian

(Photos courtesy of 5 inch and up –


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