Sam Moore can draw

Sam Moore can draw….literally!

His illustrations are full of colour and vibrancy. His friends and music inspire his eye-catching drawings. The attention to detail shows how much enjoyment has gone into his work. I asked Sam a few questions and here is his response:

“I’d say my biggest inspiration is music and my friends. I love to draw to music and I like finding a rhythm within my work. A lot of my stuff is based around ideas and jokes I find myself having with my friends. As far as commercial work is concerned, I just try to create vibrant illustrations with a few random details for people to play with in their heads.

I think my favourite piece I have done is actually one of my latest. The Neil Armstrong illustration, the reasons being because it was created so organically. I heard of him passing away at my computer, and started drawing immediately with no plan. Then it all just came together over one session. Also because it just feels like my most well put together pieces, I’ve been illustrating for years but lately have began to felt I’m finding my own style and growing into my practice

I’d say my style changes depending on the project. However, my method and process are always the same, Draw, draw and draw until something falls into place, it’s a hard feeling to describe, but I just sketch, draw and tweak until something in my head clicks into place and I find myself smiling in accomplishment”

See more of Sams work here and here!

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Rebecca Roslyn

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