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Rosy Whittemore is an Art History graduate from Manchester, as well as an astounding photographer. Her photographs have achieved success on blogging site Tumblr, with over a thousand notes on her most popular photos. She has also gained recognition from Magnum Photography.

Her favourite photo (top left) was taken  an exhibition in Vienna and she loves it because, ‘it’s a colour photo but everything in the photo is black and white, including the painting, so everything’s made out of these rectangular black and white shapes.’ Many of Rosy’s photos have the same poignant peacefulness that this one does. They seem endless and are taken with great talent and precision.

Rosy’s interest in photography started in her early teens, as she describes, ‘My mum had this chunky eighties Minolta 9000 slr that I used to play around with when I was younger, and when she got a digital camera I sort of took it over.’Since then Rosy has gained quite a big collection of analogue cameras after being drawn to the technical side of photography. She has found ones on ebay and market stalls, as well as buying old Russian cameras. Her favourite is her 70s Canon av-1 SLR, which she brings everywhere with her.

 Rosy’s influences include  Lyonel Feininger, the street photographer. She likes that he uses double exposure and natural lighting conditions. She also says that she was influenced by her mum, explaining that ‘we always had really nice holiday photo albums they weren’t filled with people, just places. I think she enjoyed photography as well because she’d always take ages to take photos of things, but they were always really good.’

Rosy is hoping to put together a proper photography project soon and take that into an exhibition. She would also like to belong to somewhere like Magnum Photography as she admires them for how iconic they are. With a talent like hers, we hope to be seeing more from her soon!

Check our Rosy’s Flickr here!


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