Rosie Ingleby

Is minimalism a key to a successful life? Recently, the discussion on how to make our lives easier by shopping less, having less and leading a simple lifestyle has spread all over the media. Well, I am not a life coach but I can tell you one thing – in fashion sometimes less is more and many young designers seem to forget about that.

Not Rosie Ingleby – this 1st class Kingston graduate showed her first collection at the runway of Graduate Fashion Week last summer and won hearts of fashion editors and lovers all over the globe.

Her minimalistic designs play with asymmetry with the unusual but wearable outcome. In her first collection, raw materials and harsh designs played unexpectedly well together and produced fantastic and mesmerising creations that, despite reminiscing works of art, are ready to be worn, played with and be loved by their owners; Exactly what the young designer tries to achieve through her work – to produce conceptual clothing that is relevant, current and exciting.

Personally, I find this approach something new and exciting – of course, every talented designer graduating wants their clothes to be wearable but usually their creativity is the thing that suffers the most while trying to achieve that. For Rosie, nothing is impossible – she wants her designs to be simple, yet conceptual, yet wearable.  And guess what? She succeeds in doing that.

After winning a design competition while still at Kingston, Rosie secured herself an internship with a clothing retail giant H&M that gave her technical experience and commercial knowledge and right now she interns at Yunus and Eliza. Having a balanced knowledge of both commercial and high fashion industries she is ready to lead the revolution.

Will you join?

To find out more about Rosie, visit her website.

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