Rob Halhead-Baker

Picasso invented it, kid’s do it with dried pasta and Rob Halhead-Baker does it on the computer: collage. In an ever dominating digital age, collage has been brought back to life and re-embraced by many illustrators. However with thousands of young illustrators spilling out of art school each year, its hard to find something that possesses both technical talent and engaging imagery. Introducing Rob Halhead-Baker. Rob’s surrealistic work leads you into a technicolour world of inception style landscapes, floating telepathic nuns and old moustached guys with laser beams coming out their eyes. He breathes new life into the found imagery. All though the illustrations have their comical aspects they also hint at a real sincerity with a surveillance-esque theme throughout and elements of masculine dominance. With camera’s everywhere and political figures overseeing brain operations Rob Halhead-Baker has created an Orwell-esque alien planet reminiscent of the novel 1984.

It’s a tricky business, “I [Rob] spend my time scouring through vintage magazines and books I’ve collected and carefully pick images. Then combined with raw materials and digital manipulation I begin to play with composition, size and shape until the different elements fall into place.”

With a new exhibition coming up (follow his Facebook page for updates), an ever expanding practice; including life size pieces plastered up on the streets of london and new installation pieces, he’s certainly one to watch.




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