Rising Musician: Ed Tullett

There’s something about that time of year where the end of summer is coming, it starts getting cooler outside and all you want to do is snuggle up in your comfiest jumper with a cuppa and some good tunes. I can assure you that this musician is definitely the best choice for that.

Ed Tullett is an 18-year-old musician hailing from Uckfield, East Sussex, who, at 14, after deciding to pick up a guitar and record some sounds, knew that this was what his life was going to be about. Completely inspired by the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra to Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon, and Radiohead – Tullett strove to make music that inspired and compelled him as much as his idols. After recently releasing his newest EP under Equal Vision Records, I’m sure it’s easy to see that he’s doing just that.

Now, there are very few artists out there that I know of that I am able to listen to and become transported to a different realm and mindset with so easily..Especially living in London, where everyone and everything around me is in constant motion and uproar. But in just listening to Tullett’s music and in reading his poetic lyrics, I am completely compelled. His music freezes time and overwhelms me with his thoughtful, intense poetry. You can’t beat that.

Following his November 2011 release of his ‘Never Joy’ EP, Tullett is back on the scene with his newest 7″ EP, ‘Split’. The two-song record brings about a folk-lore indie sound, with Bon Iver-esque vocals and calming soft guitars and beat-y undertones. Despite having similar vocals to Bon Iver, however, he has that edge in his voice that Iver sometimes seems to be missing. ‘Eventual Body’ is a roll-over from the ‘Never Joy’ EP, with haunting vocals and calming, spring-y guitar chords.

The EP, along with his previous ‘Never Joy’ EP, are both available for download off of Bandcamp here. If you want to keep up to date on this newcomer, check out his Facebook, Tumblr (for random spurts of his amazing poetry), or YouTube for more updates. He’s heading up the ladder fast, so keep your eyes peeled for whatever he’s got next!


– Killian

Photo Courtesy of ©Benjamin Haywood


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