Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean is a talented artist expressing her opinion about our culture through variety of mediums. She is a former graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, now based in Glasgow.

She creates unreal psychedelic spaces from signature objects and images that represent today’s reality. Identity and gender issues, ideal body image, consumer society and values of our culture are questioned in her works. She picks social values and tendencies, exaggerating them and shifting into the realm of absurdity and artificial grotesque imagery. It is a parody, a masquerade that through a positive and happy mask points at today’s culture.

Rachel Maclean is using different media- video and digital art is accompanied by installations, paintings and sculptures. Recent projects include the videos “The lion and the unicorns”, “Over the rainbow” and series of digital prints “Girls”.

Her artworks tell a story of time travel- history, present issues and future imaginations are combined in a provocative, bold and unique manner. Dream-like spaces and fantasy characters address the matter of consumerist obsession in a teasing way.

To see more of her works visit this website www.rachelmaclean.com

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