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Ever felt like fashion designers are too serious constantly putting their creations into archaic frames and trying too hard for their clothes to mean something? Well, sometimes you can design the most meaningful garments while simply having fun and taking inspiration from everything that surrounds you. Phiney Pet, a fresh fashion graduate has been following that pat and so far the results are exceptional.

Phiney Pet is really Josephine Pettman (“Phiney” for “Josephine”, “Pet” for “Pettman”, now you see it?), a recent Ravensbourne graduate specialising in print. Coming from South London, she takes her inspiration from people watching and wants her designs to not only be wearable but also to bring a bit of fun into their wearers’ lives. And they do indeed, full of her tongue-in-cheek, colorful clashing graphics and prints.  In Phiney Pet’s world, there is no reason why one should not put a tyrannosaurs on a girly dress with a tulle petticoat underneath or why a girl eating worms can’t be made into a centerpiece graphic of an outfit – there is a place for every, even the craziest idea, as long as it is fun.

Having said that, Phiney’s designs are not a chaotic pieces as you can imagine them to be. When looking at her designs, you can see that they have been carefully thought through and although the inspirations behind them may be random, they are not. Rebellious yet feminine they carry a really strong aesthetic. The word that comes to my mind when trying to describe it is “TumblR” but there is actually a lot more to them than the craziness and eclecticism of this micro-blogging platform.  There is something that is really unique and personal that make you just want to see more.

Phiney has been recently hired by Topshop to help them bring life to their print department so watch this space – the new big name is in the making!

To soak in Phiney’s unsual and fun world, visit her website.

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