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So now to introduce ohm a new contemporary fashion label started by Aaron Davies and Liam Smith, little intro from Aaron to get you started.

 Ohm is a clothing label with substance, it’s a project I’ve wanted to start for a good few years now but I’ve just never had the chance until now; I study Communication design (advertising) at the University of Huddersfield and for my final project I was given the chance to write my own brief. Which made way for me finally being able to start creating the brand. As a full time project outside of University I realised that I needed help with this mammoth task and so got my good friend Liam involved. We went to college together and studied multimedia design together so we knew we could work together and come up with some interesting concepts. 

So a few images, find them also on their website  and Facebook pages. Now to grill them about their 5 year plan.

Describe ohm in a sentence. 

 Clothing with substance!

Do you see your style as distinctive and different? Something new in the clothing company pool.

Well as a brand our style will be constantly distinctive and different, as our inspiration will keep changing because we’ll be constantly taking influences from across an array of different creative disciplines which will be massively determined by people submitting their work, whether it be an illustration or a short poem. Combining this with the street/skate/outdoor clothing influences there should be a constant stream of fresh ideas coming to the table.

What is on offer so far? T-shirts? Tell us a bit more about it, and what you guys have planned.

At the moment there are just t-shirts, yeah. We’re a really new brand but we’re looking to grow at a quick rate. We’ve got two items that are really close to release but we’re keeping what they are quiet for now. The clothing is something we’ve planned quite far in advance with! The creative hub element is something that will be growing quickly over the next few weeks as well, we’ll have posts ranging through loads of different creative disciplines written by as many guest writers as possible. The “Ohm sessions” is also something that’s really exciting us at the minute. We have some really talented underground musicians ready to work with to create a series of ongoing videos.

Who’s the boss?? Do you guys like working together, does one of you have a bad habit? Do you have any tips for working with other creatives.

Erh, we’re not too bad actually! We kind of just split tasks between us and just ask for opinions as we go on. We’ve both got the terrible habit of just watching workaholics or listening to Joe Rogan instead of actually working. Well it’s always great to get all your ideas out the collectively instead of prematurely choosing an idea and cutting off the brainstorming early, just give ideas time to grow!

  On your blog site you talk about being a creative hub? How’s it going got any good chats going, have you exposed any underground talent yet? 

We’ve currently got in touch with quite a few really talented people and it’s getting to the point where things are coming together. Lots of content coming soon!

Are you targeting an audience in mind, or really just like minded creative people?

We’re really creatives at heart but we both love the skate/outdoor/street style of fashion, so mixing the two is great. There will be collaboration pieces too in the near future so they may be more targeted at a specific audience. Plus we’re basically designing clothes that we would want to buy, we’re our own target audience. The blog side of things is definitely more creative orientated, but all in all it’ll just be an interesting blog!

You have some nice logo work? Voice and spark bubbles? How important is the branding to you? Does it say what you want it to?

Thankyou! Well originally I (Aaron) started off by researching all kinds of different typography, I then started to practic with different styles such as graffiti writing. I mixed this inspiration with the idea of a continuous line logo and it just kind of expanded to eventually helping us define sections of the brand with some nice iconography throughout.

The branding is key for us, it’s kind sad how excitable we get when discussing new ideas for branding or new styles of packaging. The packaging and branding together for us are key as we want our customers to get the premium service. I think it does, it puts us across as creatives ourselves, as well as also showing we have our own style and this helps everything stand out to bring the brand together.

Last words, Whats your best source of inspiration, a place, a person and state of drunkeness??

Oh, there’s so many different sources of inspiration could list.  Although we tend to come up with quite a lot of ideas when just talking amongst ourselves or even with others. It just tends to happen that conversations bounce around and create some really interesting ideas.

Other than that though finding some really talented artists on some blog sites is a good way forward. This is the main reason we want to create a hub to house all of the creative inspiration.

Anything you want to add, new things coming soon? words to Gola or the fans.

Keep your eyes peel for new designs and a lot of underground talent collaborating with us on the blog and design wise.

So sounds like lots more to come from these boys, check out their website and if you have something worth sharing get in contact, get discovered.

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