Nina Fini

Whilst the debate rages on as to what position street art and graphics hold in the history of the fine arts, many young artists are putting pen to paper to create exceptional and moving images of this ilk. A fine example of which is young artist Nina Fini: her startling grasp of anatomy, light, and how the written word merges with the visual makes for truly outstanding artwork.

Nina is now living and working in Bristol, working on honing her talents in mixed media. She advises me to ‘never underestimate what you can do with a biro’, to which her work clearly testifies. Largely working in acrylic, graphite, and ink, Nina’s portraits tread the line between the word, written and spoken, lyricism, and line.

Her inspiration is as intangible as her final product, incorporating the realm of the spiritual: illusions, the universe, the supernatural, with the human form. Most recently, her focus has been on ‘the fundamental changes that are happening all around us on a conscious level’. Such a philosophical heart to her craft imbibes Nina’s work with a moral value that is so often lacking in contemporary art.

Although she works primarily on paper and canvas, her style is obviously transmutable. She has recently been working on album covers, for the likes of Will and the People, and other music-based projects. This kind of interdisciplinary media work is natural, given the basis of her work, but creation is key to her future plans, whether it be in tattooing, illustrating, painting, or other commissions.

A truly excellent artist, and a marvelous person, Nina Fini is one to watch out for. Her website, shows her wider portfolio, she is now taking commissions and may be contacted at

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