Niko the Ikon, 89plus Marathon.

89plus marathon was a weekned of talks, poetry readings and performance celebrating new young talent, DIS Magazine’s ‘diamond generation’. The much anticipated winners of 2 new grants from the competition DIScrit 89plus were announced- the impeccably dressed and moustached Niko the Ikon and his partner in crime Tierney Finster. They appear to be long-term collaborators and best friends forever. Niko warns us not to be distracted by his moves as the screen their sultry interpretation of pop hit ‘Can we talk?’ by Tevin Camplell, released in 1993 which they explain was filmed on the same camera that recorded Niko’s birth. The new space-agey and sparkling Serpentine Sackler Gallery seems the perfect setting for discussion which centered mostly around new media and art in the internet age, all with reference to 1989 as a the crux.

Niko and Tierney were more than charismatic in explaining that their ‘greatest creation together was ourselves, our favourite media is social and favourite characters are online, mostly ourselves’. But their work has a depth and sincerity that makes it enchanting, Tierney adds ‘we are examining others when we publicize ourselves’ and ‘our videos are about love’. As sweet as they are cool and sophisticated, Niko and Tierney seem like the hot new art talent this year.

Check out their video here:

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I’m a Fine Art Student at Chelsea College of Art and internet-idealist making quiet installations and the odd performance. Work involves finding, small texts and every text my parents ever sent me. It feels soft, looks calm and tastes like mashed potato. I like net art and spacey music. I've been trying really hard to be good at rollerblading. 

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