Nicola Schofield

Nicola Schofield is as bright and colourful as her work.

Specializing in digitally printed textiles, Nicola graduated from University of the Arts, London, two years ago.

Nicola‘s work is confident and bold. There is a continuous urban and street art theme to her textiles, which is also inspired by hip hop and modern culture.

Graffiti and industrial architecture are also a strong influence, as well as fluorescent light.

Whilst at University, and doing fashion internships, Nicola developed this style and refined it. And, even though she has worked on several projects over the last five years, the whole body of her work could easily be considered a collection.

As well as working on a muse project, for the original drum and bass boss; Goldie, Nicola has also worked on collaborative projects for Burberry and The Alternative Fashion Show, London.

She was recently commissioned to produce 20 fashion-forward scarves for new company, Ezziza.

To see more of Nicola Schofield‘s work, visit her website;


You can also find Nicola’s work on Facebook;











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