Mina Braun

Art can be expressed through enormous complexity and mental quality, it requires time, concentration and understanding of the original idea in order to grasp the artist’s message. Mina Braun’s works reveal the opposite approach and way of thinking- her illustrations capture the essence in simple and straightforward imagery. She prefers clarity over complexity and substitutes intricate forms with symbolic meanings.

Mina Braun is a former graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, originally from Germany, now living and working in Edinburgh. Her commissioned works include album covers for the Scottish musicians James Yorkston and Orkestra Del Sol as well as illustrations for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. She was featured artist of the month in Marchmont Gallery, Edinburgh in August 2012.

Mina Braun’s inspiration in mythology and nature is evident in her imaginative narratives and symbolic characters. Skillfully created prints deliver straight forward and clear images that evoke positive emotions. Harmonic colours, attention to detail and use of repetitive forms create balanced and beautiful compositions. The narratives are based in a dream like environment, where a merger between human and nature becomes possible, resulting in admirable characters. Her illustrations celebrate artlessness and positivity; they bring back the atmosphere of childhood naivety and playfulness. It’s a good mood injection that will not leave anyone ignorant.

Nowadays, when information, communication and lifestyle are gathering speed, Mina Braun’s illustrations create a space, where you can rest, escape from the busy digitalized culture and remember the original values. To see more of her works visit this website www.minabraun.com

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