Mat Johns

Mat Johns

When Mat saw Terminator 2 at eight years old, he was suddenly hit with a desire to act, be a stuntman and do special effects. It was a few years later, after writing and directing films at college, that he realised what he really wanted to do.

Mat is a filmmaker in Manchester who first came into his own at age 17 when he had his film screened at an event that inspired him to keep on going. Now he has gone from self-made films, to collaborative films with amazing crews. Mat has started to learn that collaborating is what truly makes a great film and focuses on the writing, directing and editing – instead of taking up every single job! However, his ability to have expertise in different areas of film helps Mat’s films achieve greatness. He is particularly proud of Kiss: a film that brings together a loner and a sex worker under unusual circumstances and Run, the story of a man, Sam, who writes a letter home to his mother. His films are heart-rendering and dark. They draw the audience into the narrative, through complex layers, before spitting them back into the real world. The images are clear and crisp, beautifully edited. His films are truly works of art.

Mat has quite a few exciting projects coming up: from a film called Radio Silence – the story of a woman surviving at the end of the world with nothing but a CB radio; a film noir music video that was shot in Holland;  3 sixteen second shorts for Four4 competition and a VMS entry called ‘When I’m 64’. With all of this on the horizon, it’s easy to see where Mat’s success is coming from!

Mat’s ambition is explained best by himself, ‘My biggest ambition is to direct truly cinematic films that have all the bells and whistles of a high-end production but with wonderful, engaging stories at their core. I am fascinated by the schizophrenic nature of beauty and violence and how they live side by side in the same world… I want to make films that reflect that.’

It is so very often that we see films that appear fantastic but have no heart. Mat’s films are different from this and perfect the art of storytelling. It will be exciting to see where he ends up in the next few years, and hopefully we will be seeing films that are beautiful from the screen down to their very core!

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