Marie Hague

Marie Hague is a graphic artist with a bold typographic style, currently studying at Winchester School of Art, Southampton University. With so many young typographists and graphic designers out there today, I find her style refreshing and hard hitting. Her work gets back to the basics of typographic art, whilst still challenging the norms, and showing the world something different. Her work combines beautiful and flawless layouts with intriguing character, that almost seems to say what everyones thinking. It’s this expressive style that has seen Marie’s work featured in a number of university exhibitions, and it won’t be the last we see of her by any means. Marie takes a functional layout and turns into something so conceptual and graphic, combined with beautiful typography, that she has created an experimental range of work that is bold, fresh and so real. I’m sure you’ll like her as much as I do:


How would you describe your work and your style?

My work is mostly typographic, as I have a keen interest in typography and what you can create with just words. A lot of my work also looks at layout, and how the experimentation of these two things can say different things about your work to different people. I think experimentation with layout and typography can create simple, but visually effective pieces. A lot of my inspiration comes from magazines, as I am very interested in editorial design. I like looking at the different page layouts and typographical solutions used. I also like how different paper stocks/ printing processes used in different magazines can also say something about the piece.

Your work seems very expressive. Do you feel you are able to express yourself with your designs?

I think that when you are given briefs that aren’t as strict as others, its hard not to express yourself and your opinion through your work. I feel I can express myself through my work, whether its an opinion I have or whether its a particular style that reflects me. Off course when you are set a brief that is has stricter guidelines, then your work becomes less expressive, as it is less about you and more about your client.

Where do you hope to be in the future?

I would like to go into editorial design/ work with layout when I graduate, as I feel this is not only my strength but a part of design that interests me a lot. In a few years time I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in design, as I am always keen to learn new things. I hope to see myself perhaps working for a publication and creating new and exciting layouts for them.


To see more from marie then visit her website here.

All the best, Katie

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