Malika Favre

Malika Favre is an incredible French illustrator, who lives in London.

Her work demonstrates strong, clean line and minimalism. With geometric shapes and constant use of bold colour, it is a modern take on Art Deco.

Whilst her work is far from busy in design, it most certainly isn’t simple or unsophisticated. Favre’s work demands attention.

“I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and coloursĀ as it needs to convey the core of the idea” says Malika, who continues to refine her technique.

Favre’s design work, which is mostly editorial, has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including ‘Creative Review’ and ‘Wallpaper’. She has also produced art work for album and EP covers, exhibitions and iPad documents.

Her highly adaptable designs have even been made into brooches, scarves and animations.

You can see more of Malika’s work, which you can also buy, on her website =

She also has a twitter account @malikafavre

(I absolutely love this girl’s work)


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