Made As Mannequins

What do four guys carting three mannequins from Edinburgh to Glasgow make? The new Made As Mannequins single of course. This is just the kind of stint they pulled to create the new video for ‘Am I Alive?’. With a cheeky attitude and fabulous instrumental skills, their unique brand of Scottish Indie is attracting a lot of attention. Here’s what they had to say:

Made As Mannequins is composed of four members that hail from all corners of Scotland. Ben Macfarlane (Glasgow) is the singer and guitarist, Jamie Flynn (Stirling) is the lead guitarist and backing singer, Ian Smith (Edinburgh) is the bassist , and Ryan Ramsay (Arbroath) is the drummer. The band are based mainly in Glasgow and since forming in November have enjoyed great success playing at a collection of venues across Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. Ben and Ian attend Glasgow University, Ryan studies at Edinburgh University and Jamie is an unemployed bum/tentative farmer so he hopes more than anyone the band make it big!

They generally meet as a three piece (Ben, Jamie, Ian) to discuss ideas and play around with riffs and lyrics before heading to Lo-Fi studio in Glasgow to get the input of drummer Ryan. It is here where the band develops most of their songs together. They also have a habit of impromptu changes when hitting the studio, leading to frustration of the sound engineer but essentially a better record (in the bands opinion).

Based in Glasgow, Made As Mannequins draw inspiration from a wide range of ‘Scottish greats’ including the Fratellis and Frightened Rabbit, but probably draw a closer comparison to the smaller bands in Scotland whom the band continually go to watch such as Admiral Fallow and Bwani Junction.

Having just released their debut single and video ‘Am I Alive?’ they have followed this success with a slew of radio appearances across Scotland. They are currently in talks with Daylight Records to record an EP over the summer, and from hereon out the future looks bright. Their appreciation of a core fan base is testament to their good natures, and with this in mind, we are sure that success will soon follow.

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