Lucy Hutchinson Art – “For Home and Country”

 At a glance, Lucys current project looks like oriental wallpaper, but when you look closer at the intricate drawings and details you realise her artwork takes you on a journey of social class, trade, democracy, and current issues. Art isn’t just a pretty painting, its a moral, its a message and its a meaning.

Who/what inspires your work?

My work is mainly based on the idea of bi-cultural interactions and how these have become apparent in a globalised world. Inspired largely by my family, who are based in both the UK and China I explore happenings that occur in everyday life which distinguish and bring together both cultures. As well as including personal events I am also interested in the generalisation of both cultures. I am intrigued by confusions of identity which these circumstances have created as well as ideas of class and how these affect identity and lifestyle. I am interested in artists such as Grayson Perry and Kara Walker who subvert the harsh realities of their topic by their use of materials. In Grayson Perry’s case the low status and decorative nature of pots and tapestries lull the viewer into a false sense of security as does Kara Walker with her use of victorian silhouettes. This aspect is something which I wish to portray in my own work.

what materials do you prefer to use?

I use materials such as wallpaper, fabric, painting and photography. The wallpaper and fabric are vital in subverting the negative images which are displayed on them as they are materials which would usually be placed in the home or around the body. The materials are all methods of protection, and create a sense of class. For example the facekini protects the persons face from the sun and keeps their skin white which exerts them as a higher class, but also diminishes that persons identity. As well as this they are all cultural goods which have been created through trade between China and the UK. The wallpaper and fabrics are all hand screen printed, which allows me to create a large and consistent amount of work. It is also a traditional technique which was previously used to create similar cultural goods.

what do you think your next project might be?

I intend on continuing my existing line of study in the future, as I feel it is such a rich topic the possiblities and varations are those which I need to continue to discover. After my degree I would like to go on to do an MA eventually, whilst in the meantime I am interested in continuing my own practices whilst looking into visual merchandising.

Check out more work at Lucys Art Blog 

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