London Grammar

A three piece band, hailing from London (clue is in the name of the act…) London Grammar epitomise the successive rise of bands before them, garnering exposure through social media and extensive plays via Sound Cloud and YouTube. However, any sense of similarity with other musical acts stop there. Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman make up this innovative musical act, who formed the band whilst studying at university. After being locked up in a studio for the majority of 2012 working on their debut album, they finally released their debut song ‘Hey Now’ on Soundcloud, which has received over 300 000 plays to date.

After two further releases it is safe to say that London Grammar elude all conventions in their music, successfully fusing a multitude of genres including trip-hop, electronica and  indie, to create an original and soulful soundscape. Their tracks bumble along like giant, gentle digital rhythms. Searing over the top of these rhythms we get Hannah Reid’s soulful, but essentially folk like, voice holding the songs together like vocal glue. London Grammar’s ability to tinker on the edge of music to ‘listen’ to and music to ‘dance’ to, has maintained their own space within the musical world and allowed them to carve out sonic originality.

A recent track called Metal and Dust ,exemplifies the mix of raw vocals and haunting electronica they have become so well known for. This particular song is a masterclass in up tempo – ‘chill out’ music, holding it’s own against other similar genre heavyweights such as Royskopp or Lemon Jelly. The track has been compared to the likes of Massive Attack’s tour de force Unfinished Sympathy. With it’s epic sound and floorless production, the song concerns itself with such heavy topics such as the crumbling of life built on trust, allowing the musicality in it to express this somber subject matter. However, despite such themes the music pings along, almost disguising the anguish shown through the lyrics.

London Grammar are rightfully being touted as one of the major acts to look out for over the course of 2013. Be sure to check out their music and if you like what you hear (which I can assure you will) then you can catch them at Islington Assembly Hall, London on Wed. 15th May 2013.

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