Lisa Jane Birch

Lisa Jane Birch is a recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanston. Her main body of work consists of abstract visual representations of language and communication. She explores the concept of sound translated into materialized forms, changing heard speech into visual imagery.

Lisa creates psychological works, examining human nature. She visualizes complex patterns of sound, illustrating the vocalized form of communication. The metamorphosis between sound and image is captured in her elaborate drawings, offering a freedom of interpretation. Her works reveals a new level of understanding, a new connection between different processes in human mind.

“My work resolves around the thought process, imagination, memory, the senses and other actions which take place within the human mind. I often find words can be much more powerful than image and I aim to continue producing work where the words are used to paint a story, visually rather with speech. ”

Most of her artworks are black and white drawings, working with fine-liner pen on paper. Monochromatic palette creates delicate tonal contrasts and focuses attention on the quality and variation of lines.

To see more of her works, visit this website

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I'm currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I explore collaborations between the fields of art, architecture and design. My passion is for innovations and new ideas in contemporary art. I represent the "Born in Britain" values by developing and perfecting myself as a person, student, and an artist in Britain.

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