Liron Kliger

The craft of making beautiful, quality jewellery seems to be associated only with the luxurious brands with long history behind them that offer their customers breathtaking but rather classical and non-adventurous designs. For the experimental, colourful and a little bit crazy, there is the other side of the spectrum – an array of cheap, plastic accessories offered by popular chain stores. Liron Kliger, a London-based jewellery desgins breaks these unwritten rules with her bold and standing out designs.

Born in Israel, Liron attended West London College where she completed her foundation course before graduating from the London College of Fashion’s Jewellery Fashion Design. Thanks to her travels around the world and living in cosmopolitan cities such as Tel Aviv, Milan and Paris, the designer gained a lot of self-confidence, making her more fearless about the designs she wants to create. And this is exactly the perfect way to describe her jewellery – fearless.

Made for confident women with strong personality and an attitude, Liron’s designs are wild and full of extremes. Created using raw materials, the designer’s jewellery bursts with colours and patterns which gives it a cosmopolitan feel.  Liron’s bangles stacked one on another reminiscent travels and inspirations you bring with you from the different parts of the world but are definitely not one dimensional. Depending on way you decide to style them, they can be more hippy and earthy, raw and tribal or bold and modern, it is all up to you.

Look into your more adventurous side and let Liron’s designs inspire you not only when it comes to your personal style but also attitude – be fearless, not scared of change and standing out!  For more inspiration check Liron’s Facebook Page.

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