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At this years Directors and Art Directors (D&AD) New Blood festival where the best of this years creative graduates comes together to show their work, I got to experience the coming together of student and professional to contemplate the next stage of the creative industry. Lee is one of the graduates that caught my eye and deals with the now popular paper craft genre.

Introduction from him.

My name is Lee Haydock. I am an Illustration graduate who studied at Blackpool & the Fylde College. I have been working with paper for the last few years, it has become an important asset to me. I am inspired by the stories the world has to share, mainly history or fantasy. As a paper cut artist I use this medium to bring the stories I study to life and share my imaginary view on the adventures. 

Captions for Images.

Main Image Aquitania

Here we have the Aquitania, originating from the suitcase project I brought the ship paper cut into the print studio to develop screen prints. I used sections of the ship for the American Miniature Print competition. The four mini prints I sent earned a spot in the exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut.Paper craft is a big fad right now, we see it appearing all across the creative industry, do you think it is here to stay in the mainstream?

Second Image Suitcase Photo

This piece of work was inspired by an old suitcase I bought from ebay. I decided to find out about its history, my only clues were the previous owner’s inscribed name and an old White Star Line luggage label on the side belonging to the Aquitania. I researched the Aquitania and learnt it survived both world wars, this led to paper cuts telling the story of its passenger voyage and its military service as a hospital ship.Judging from the feedback I heard from the First Cut exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery last year, I would say its chance of staying in the mainstream is strong. I’ve never heard such praise for an exhibition from so many visitors, it was a privilege to see so many people take an interest in a style I take inspiration from. 

Third Image One Inch Boy

This japanese folktale is of a boy born the size of a finger to an old childless couple. When he becomes of age, he decided to set out into Japan to find a job and live normally in this giant world of his, I illustrate him bravely voyaging through the rivers of Japan taking in the colossal atmosphere around him.

How important do you think studying at university is for a creative to evolve?

Hugely important, it made me the creative I am today. You are given the chance to meet and work alongside so many people who support each other and help you become a better artist. My tutors supported my work and I feel I achieved a lot during my studies.

Is there a new design you are working on you could tell us about? Or your last project you want to talk us through?

 I am continuing with the One Inch Boy story as it is not complete yet, there are quite a few more scenes I want to illustrate involving palaces and a demon. A few people at D&AD asked if it was published, this struck a chord with me and I thought that would be a great idea. I would love to have a published book!

What are your future plans? Do you have an ideal brand/company you would like to work for?

I planned on creating some screen prints for print fairs and I am considering joining an agency. I’m quite a music buff I wouldn’t mind making vinyl artwork for a band one day. To work for any company that would showcase my work would make me proud, long as whoever buys my work enjoy having it in their home or as a product in their shop.

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