LCF: College Shop

Haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet and want to surprise your loved ones with something special? Or maybe want to reward yourself for your hard work this year with a pair of beautiful shoes? Are you always on a hunt for finding new, exciting, up-and-coming designers? Whatever your answer is, you will surely be happy to hear about the newest pop-up opening on London’s Carnaby Street on 11th December – London College of Fashion’s College Shop.

Being on my final year at LCF’s BA Fashion Journalism course, I have a really special bond with the university itself. Of course, there are times I hate it with a passion (closer to hand-in dates) but in general there is a lot of love and pride that I can rub shoulders with some of Britain’s next big things. That’s why, when hearing about the opening of the College Shop, I was nothing but excited to find out who the designers my school choose to feature in this year’s pop-up store were.

Ever dreamed of owning a pair of pumps with donuts on them? What about baby-pink coloured ones with chunky, yellow heel and bunnies’ faces on their backs? For the shoe lovers, there is Camilla Elphick and her brightly-coloured and bold designs. Even if that does not sound like something you would wear, just looking at Camilla’s designs can brighten up your day. Another of the featured designer is a BA Fashion Technology graduate, Valentina la Porta. Inspired by her childhood memories of being brought up in a traditionally religious, Italian family, Valentina uses colours reminding her of the Christian iconography, creating beautiful pieces with a modern edge. For all the boys out there, LCF decided to collaborate with Domingo Rodriguez. Being a recent sensation in the menswear world and showcasing at London Collections: Men, this MA Fashion Design and Technology graduate is definitely the one to look at.

Apart from the ones I mentioned, the university will stock a lot more of young designers’ creations so if you are in London between 11th-18th December definitely visit the College Shop and have a look! Remember, as a real pop-up it is opened for a week only.


For more information visit the College Shop’s Facebook page.

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