Laura J Martin

Liverpool’s Laura J Martin is of one the hottest properties on the upcoming music market. A singer/songwriter who has developed a completely unique and innovative sound incorporating a range of instruments such as lute, mandolin, keyboards and xylophone and not forgetting her preferred instrument the flute.

Her debut album, The Hangman Tree, which came out earlier this year was made on such a tight budget that she had use various household items to create her music. Laura J Martin mentions: “I had to make use of what was around me, which meant using kitchen pans, sugar bowls and cheese graters.” It is Laura’s skill of turning these unusual instrumental into quirky, catchy pop tunes that is garnering such praise and notice. By incorporating the use of unorthodox arrangement and sounds but maintain music that is both catchy and upbeat Laura created something of a little master class in progressive folk/pop music in her debut album. Not to mention a display of her great talent as a flautist.

A heavy summer tour and appearances on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 Music radio show as well as Cerys Matthews and Rob Da Bank’s BBC Radio shows, Laura is steadily building a firm musical following. Although often placed in the folk/pop category Laura’s music also contains Hip Hop elements harking back to her days as flute player for hip-hop producer Kidkanevil. Among her influences, she also mentions pioneering individuals David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg and Neil Young. Laura states: “I’m inspired by people who have a passion for music. Also my granddad who, in my eyes, was a fantastic piano player”. She is also known to cite books, family, friends and people on the edge of society as key influences for her lyrical writing.

Laura J Martin is currently working on her second album, hoping to take her music onto the global stage with a view to crack Europe as well as Japan where she lived previously for a year.

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