Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan’s work is just oh so very Vogue in every sense: the definition of elegance and beauty.

Strong women with intense stares and impeccable dress sense is a reoccurring theme in the London based artist’s work, no doubt at least partly due to her weekly fashion illustrations for The Sunday Telegraph and various works for those such as American Apparel. The illustrations she does are always full of detail and beautiful patterns, making them lovely prints and pieces of artwork in their own right.

Normally working in watercolour (switching between black and white for a stately effect and full colour for a vibrant one) Callaghan also regularly releases new screen prints and tote bag designs, which never fail to have eye catching designs on them that’d make anyone envious.

She also looks to be gradually doing more narrative pieces, which promise to be very interesting: there’s an achingly romantic melancholic vibe to her style that would translate very well to comics or graphic novels. The bold yet slightly jaded girls that populate her prints remind me of the protagonists of Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World; fully modern and totally self-aware.



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